Friday, September 18, 2015

Housing and Lavras Novas

I live in a student accommodation in the Avenida Fleming called Moradia I. The environment is quite good but in my opinion the room is a bit small for two persons. However, we have a nice balcony and the area is full of bars and restaurants. The Avenida Fleming is known by the locals because it's considered as a good neighborhood. Moreover, a free shuttle is available twice in the morning and several times in the afternoon from the entrance of the Moradia to the UFMG.

The view from my balcony

The second weekend after my arrival, the Moradia group (internationals from the dutch universities) decided to rent a car and explore. We went to Lavras Novas a beautiful little village which is approximately two hours driving from Belo Horizonte. This experience was great and driving through the country is something I won't forget. I hope I'll get new occasions.
On our way to the waterfalls

Stunning panorama


The crew

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